The decision by WhatsApp to revise its storage policy and end the support for unlimited chat backups on Google Drive represents a notable change in its service offerings. WhatsApp the widely-used messaging platform, is set to bring a significant change to its storage policy, particularly affecting Android users.

In a recent development, it has been reported that WhatsApp is dropping support for unlimited chat backups on Google Drive with its latest beta update. This shift marks a departure from the long-standing arrangement that allowed Android users to back up their chats on Google Drive without any storage limits.

For years, Google Drive has been the go-to option for WhatsApp users on Android to securely store their chat histories. This was made possible by a collaboration between Google and WhatsApp established about five years ago offering unlimited storage for chat backups. However, the latest policy update, currently in beta testing, indicates a major change in this approach.

Users who are part of the beta program on Android will be the first to experience this change. They will no longer have access to unlimited backups on Google Drive. Instead, the data backed up will count against their Google Drive storage quota.

This development suggests that users with extensive chat histories may need to consider purchasing additional storage on Google Drive to accommodate their backup needs.

To ensure users are well-informed about these changes, WhatsApp plans to display a notification banner within the app. This banner will appear in the app’s settings under the ‘Chats > Chat backup’ section indicating that the new storage policy will be effective within the next 30 days.

This change is not just limited to beta testers. Reports indicate that the Meta-owned messaging platform is expected to discontinue the free unlimited storage option on Google Drive for all Android users in the coming weeks or months.

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