Indian Railways’ super app represents a significant leap towards digital integration in the railway sector. Indian Railways an institution that has been a backbone of the nation’s transport system is embarking on a digital transformation journey with the development of a revolutionary ‘super app’.

This new ‘super app’ app a unified platform which is envisioned to amalgamate various features that are currently scattered across multiple applications related to Indian Railways services.

The concept of this super app is to integrate functionalities of existing apps like IRCTC Rail Connect and others under the Indian Railways’ digital umbrella. The primary objective is to offer a seamless and more efficient experience for users where they can access a multitude of services within a single application.

This ‘super app’ project with an estimated investment of Rs. 90 crore is set to span over three years. The development and operational costs are being allocated to ensure the app is robust and user-friendly.

One of the most intriguing aspects of this super app is its expansive range of services. It’s expected to extend beyond the basic functionalities of train bookings and timetable inquiries.

This ‘super app’ is poised to include services such as flight ticket bookings, in-train food delivery and comprehensive ticket purchase management.

CRIS (Centre for Railway Information Systems) IT wing of the Indian Railways is reportedly at the forefront of developing this super app.

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