Apple Vision Pro 2: Apple is on the brink of a significant technological advancement with its upcoming Vision Pro 2. The core of this advancement lies in its display technology where Apple collaborates with Samsung to integrate cutting-edge RGB OLEDoS displays.

The Vision Pro 2 is reported to feature micro-OLED displays each boasting more pixels than a standard 4K TV. Samsung a long-time collaborator with Apple in display technology emerges as the sole supplier of these RGB OLEDoS displays.

The unique aspect of the RGB OLEDoS technology is its ability to generate light and color directly from RGB sub-pixels which eliminating the need for color filters. The single-layer structure of these displays allows for a slimmer design which is crucial for the comfort and usability of head-mounted devices like the Vision Pro 2.

With an eye on an early 2024 launch, Apple has ramped up the production of the Vision Pro in China. The increase in production capacity also suggests that Apple is preparing for a significant market impact with this new product.

As the launch of Apple’s spatial computer, the Vision Pro, nears the company is already planning its next iteration, the Vision Pro 2.

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