Rita Reporter Fame Priya Ahuja: Priya Ahuja, popularly known for her role as Rita Reporter in the long-running television show “Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah” (TMKOC), has recently opened up about the dynamics of her professional life and the reasons behind her husband, Malav Rajda’s decision to leave the show.

1. A Decade of Professional Involvement with TMKOC

Priya Ahuja and her husband, Malav Rajda, have both been integral parts of TMKOC. While Priya graced the screen as Rita Reporter, Malav served as the director of the show for a remarkable ten years. Their contributions to the show have been significant, yet their journey has not been without its challenges.

2. Professional Integrity and Personal Choices

Priya clarified in a recent revelation that she never approached TMKOC’s producer, Asit Modi, for an increased screen presence, despite her husband’s influential position as the director. This decision underscores her commitment to maintaining a clear boundary between her personal and professional lives.

3. The Importance of Professional and Personal Boundaries

Priya’s stance on keeping her personal and professional life separate is a testament to her integrity. She emphasized that her role in the show was independent of her relationship with Malav. “Being a director’s wife does not entitle me to special treatment,” Priya stated, highlighting her belief in merit and hard work.

4. A Career Built on Hard Work and Chance

Reflecting on her journey, Priya remarked, “When I met Malav, I was already part of Taarak. They didn’t include me in the show for that reason. My career trajectory isn’t anyone’s responsibility but my own, and I believe in leaving some things to luck and my hard work.”

5. The Impact on Personal Life and Malav’s Departure

Priya also touched upon the reasons behind Malav’s departure from TMKOC. She indicated that it was a decision influenced by the need to prioritize their personal life, suggesting that the professional demands and challenges they faced in the show were impacting their personal life. “Everyone faces ups and downs,” she explained, acknowledging the complexities of balancing a career in the entertainment industry with personal commitments.

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