Salaar : Prabhas, the darling of Indian cinema, has once again set the box office on fire with his latest venture, ‘Salaar.’ Directed by Prashant Neel, the visionary behind the KGF Universe, the film has not only garnered immense admiration but has also become a symbol of cinematic excellence.

One of the standout features of ‘Salaar’ is its breathtaking action sequences that have ignited a frenzy among audiences. The thunderous applause and cheers from moviegoers in theaters bear testimony to the film’s gripping action sequences.

From its very inception, ‘Salaar’ embarked on an extraordinary journey at the box office, collecting a staggering Rs 178 crore worldwide on its opening day. Remarkably, even on a seemingly slower day like Monday, the film continued to amass substantial collections, hinting at the tremendous earnings that lie ahead.

What’s particularly noteworthy is ‘Salaar’s’ ability to maintain its stronghold at the box office, even in the face of challenges. Monday, often considered a speed-breaker for movie earnings, proved to be no obstacle for the film. Thanks to the holiday season, ‘Salaar’ enjoyed another day of robust earnings.

According to Sacknilk’s report, ‘Salaar’ accumulated over Rs 42 crore at the Indian box office on Monday alone, highlighting its unwavering popularity among audiences.

The film’s remarkable journey doesn’t end there. On Sunday, it proudly crossed the Rs 200 crore milestone, with a daily collection of over Rs 62 crore. With the addition of the fourth day’s earnings, ‘Salaar’ has now amassed a net total of over Rs 250 crore in just four days.


As the holiday season approaches, ‘Salaar’ is poised to benefit further from its global box office run. In just three days, the film achieved a gross collection of Rs 402 crore worldwide. Following Monday’s earnings, the film’s worldwide gross is now anticipated to surpass the incredible mark of Rs 450 crore.

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