Dunki Worldwide Collection Day 4: Shahrukh Khan’s latest cinematic offering, “Dunki,” has created a significant buzz at the box office, proving to be a commercial success both domestically and internationally. The film’s impressive earnings reflect its widespread appeal, as it swiftly crosses the 100 crore mark in the domestic market, showcasing the star power of Shahrukh Khan.

What’s more remarkable is that “Dunki” has also entered the prestigious 200 crore club worldwide. This feat is particularly noteworthy considering the film’s release coincided with another major release, “Salaar.” Despite the competition, “Dunki” has held its own, achieving this record in a highly competitive environment.

Released on December 21, “Dunki” had a close release date with “Salaar,” which premiered on December 22. However, the Shahrukh Khan starrer didn’t just hold up but thrived, surpassing the 100 crore benchmark in just two days at the box office. This early success underscored the film’s strong appeal and Shahrukh Khan’s unwavering fan base.

After four days in theaters, “Dunki” has amassed a total of Rs 211.13 crore, as reported by Red Chillies Entertainment, the film’s production house. This rapid accumulation of revenue is a testament to the film’s captivating storyline and the star power of its lead actor.

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani and produced under the Red Chillies Entertainment banner, “Dunki” has also performed exceptionally well domestically. In just five days, the film has garnered Rs 125.62 crore, with Shahrukh Khan in the lead role, further cementing his status as one of the leading figures in the Indian film industry.

The release of “Salaar” right after “Dunki” brought an interesting dynamic to the box office. While Prabhas’s “Salaar” garnered considerable attention, it inevitably impacted the collection of “Dunki.” However, even amidst this stiff competition, “Dunki” has managed to not only sustain but also excel, proving the enduring appeal of Shahrukh Khan’s films.

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