Salaar Box Office Collection Day 4: Prabhas and Prithviraj Sukumaran’s latest cinematic venture, ‘Salaar: Part 1 – Ceasefire,’ has taken the box office by storm, showcasing an extraordinary performance since its debut. The film has not only captivated audiences with its engaging storyline and stellar performances but has also emerged as a financial juggernaut, amassing significant revenue since its release.

Released on December 22 across a diverse linguistic spectrum – Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, Kannada, and Hindi – ‘Salaar’ has resonated with a wide audience, contributing to its phenomenal success at the box office. The film’s universal appeal has been a significant factor in its widespread acclaim and box office dominance.

The financial trajectory of ‘Salaar’ has been nothing short of impressive. On its second day, the film raked in a whopping Rs 56.35 crores, followed by an even more impressive Rs 62.05 crores on the third day. These figures are a testament to the film’s compelling appeal and the star power of its lead actors.

The fourth day, a crucial milestone for any theatrical release, brought in encouraging news for the makers of ‘Salaar’. According to early trends reported by Sacknilk, the film continued its successful run, collecting Rs 42.50 crores on this day. This robust performance on a Monday, typically a slower day for cinema, highlights the film’s sustained popularity and audience appeal.

Cumulatively, ‘Salaar’ has amassed an impressive Rs 251.60 crores within just four days of its release. This milestone not only speaks volumes about the film’s captivating narrative and production quality but also underscores the robust state of the film industry, which continues to thrive post-pandemic.

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