Surat Airport New Terminal: The commencement of domestic flight operations at the newly inaugurated terminal of Surat International Airport marks a significant milestone in the city’s aviation history. This development, which began on Monday, is set to enhance the travel experience for passengers and boost the region’s connectivity.

Indigo, a prominent player in the Indian aviation sector, had the honor of operating the initial flights from Gujarat’s Surat new terminal. These flights connected Surat to two major cities – Delhi and Hyderabad, signifying the start of a new era for Surat Airport.

The first flight to arrive at the new terminal came from Delhi, carrying 177 passengers, a momentous occasion for the airport. This flight’s arrival and its subsequent departure back to Delhi with 161 passengers symbolized the operational commencement of the terminal.

Following closely, the second flight arrived from Hyderabad, bringing in 180 passengers. This flight, too, departed with nearly an equal number of passengers from Surat.

A notable development following the inauguration is the increase in the number of daily flights. Officials have pointed out that 11 flights will now fly in and out of the airport’s new terminal daily.

The new terminal, constructed at a cost of Rs 353 crore, represents a significant investment in the region’s infrastructure.

Currently, Surat is connected to 14 domestic cities, including Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Goa, and others, and has international connectivity via Sharjah.

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