Raveena Tandon
Raveena Tandon

Arbaaz Khan Wedding: The world of Bollywood is no stranger to fashion-forward celebrities making stunning appearances at high-profile events. Raveena Tandon, a veteran Bollywood actress, and her daughter, Rasha Thadani, recently stole the spotlight once again with their impeccable fashion choices at Arbaaz Khan’s second wedding ceremony. The mother-daughter duo’s twinning attire left everyone in awe.

1. Striking Similarity

Raveena Tandon and Rasha Thadani have a knack for turning heads whenever they step out together, and this occasion was no exception. Both Raveena and Rasha donned similar sharara outfits, albeit in different colors, showcasing their impeccable style and fashion sense.

2. Sisterly Resemblance

Whenever Raveena and Rasha are seen together, it’s hard to believe that they are mother and daughter, as they often resemble sisters. Their youthful looks and shared fashion choices have become a signature of their public appearances.

3. Twinning in Shararas

For the Nikah ceremony of Arbaaz Khan and Shura Khan on December 24, 2023, Raveena Tandon and Rasha Thadani chose to wear matching sharara sets. The mother-daughter duo’s decision to twin in shararas added an extra layer of charm to the event.

4. Celebrating the Joyous Occasion

Arbaaz Khan’s wedding was a joyous occasion, and Raveena Tandon and Rasha Thadani graced the event with their presence. Their choice to wear identical shararas reflected not only their fashion-forward sensibilities but also their enthusiasm for celebrating the special day.

5. Complementary Colors

Rasha looked resplendent in a pink-colored sharara, radiating elegance and grace. In contrast, Raveena opted for a deep-necked powder blue sharara that complemented her daughter’s attire. Rasha added a touch of traditional charm to her look with a choker necklace and a sleek maang tikka.

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