Salaar Box Office Collection Day 3: The cinematic landscape has been electrified with the release of Prabhas’s latest movie, “Salaar.” This film has not only captivated audiences but also set new benchmarks in the box office domain. As “Salaar” continues its theatrical run, it’s clear that this film is not just a release; it’s a phenomenon. Let’s explore how “Salaar” has been faring at the box office, especially focusing on its performance on the third day.

1. Unprecedented Audience Response

From the get-go, “Salaar” has been a crowd-puller. The enthusiasm for this Prabhas starrer is immense, with fans flocking to theaters in droves. The film’s opening day set the tone for its subsequent success, as it began breaking records right from its debut.

2. Record-Breaking Opening

“Salaar” emerged as the biggest opener of the year, amassing an astounding Rs 90 crore plus on its first day. This figure is a testament to the film’s massive appeal and Prabhas’s star power. The film’s earnings accelerated at a rapid pace, much like a bullet, signaling its strong performance and widespread acceptance.

3. Weekend Wonders

The film continued its impressive run over the weekend. On its second day, Saturday, “Salaar” added a significant Rs 56.7 crore to its tally. The momentum built on the opening day carried through, showcasing the film’s sustained appeal.

4. Third Day Triumph

The early trend report from Sacknilk revealed that “Salaar” had a spectacular third day. On Sunday, the film collected an impressive Rs 61.00 crore. This figure indicates the film’s unwavering popularity and its ability to attract audiences consistently.

5. Three-Day Total Collection

Salaar Box Office Collection Day 3
Salaar Box Office Collection Day 3

With Sunday’s earnings, the total box office collection of “Salaar” over three days reached a staggering Rs 208.05 crore. This amount is a clear indicator of the film’s blockbuster status and its dominance at the box office.

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