Animal Box Office Collection Day 24: The Bollywood film industry has been witnessing a whirlwind of activity with the release of high-profile movies like “Salaar,” “Dunki,” and “Animal.” Among these, Ranbir Kapoor’s “Animal” has emerged as a formidable contender, showcasing remarkable resilience and popularity, even four weeks post its release. This crime thriller continues to captivate audiences, holding its ground against the heavyweights “Salaar” and “Dunki.” Let’s delve into the box office journey of “Animal” and its impressive performance.

1. Sustained Popularity of ‘Animal’

Since its release on December 1, “Animal” has been a dominant force at the box office. The film’s gripping storyline and Ranbir Kapoor’s compelling performance have kept the audience hooked. Even with the release of Prabhas’s “Salaar” and Shahrukh Khan’s “Dunki,” “Animal” has maintained a strong presence, a testament to its enduring appeal and the audience’s continued interest in this genre.

2. Competitive Box Office Environment

The entry of “Salaar” and “Dunki” has undoubtedly heated up the competition at the box office. Both these films have been received well by the audience, creating a dynamic and challenging environment for “Animal.” Despite this, “Animal” has held its own, proving its mettle in a landscape filled with big-ticket releases.

3. The Resilience of ‘Animal’

“Animal” has shown remarkable tenacity, not only surviving but also thriving in a market dominated by new releases. “Salaar,” in particular, has created a storm at the box office, crossing the Rs 200 crore mark within just three days. However, “Animal” continues to attract viewers, amassing significant revenue even in its fourth week.

4. Impressive Earnings Trajectory

The financial success of “Animal” has been nothing short of spectacular. In its first week alone, the film raked in a whopping Rs. 337.58 crores. The following weeks saw consistent earnings, with Rs. 139.26 crores in the second week and Rs. 54.45 crores in the third. The film continued its steady performance with collections of Rs 1.15 crore and Rs 1.99 crore on the fourth Friday and Saturday, respectively.

5. Fourth Sunday Collection

According to early trends reported by Sacknilk, “Animal” managed to collect Rs 2.15 crore on its fourth Sunday, marking the 24th day since its release. This figure is indicative of the film’s strong standing and audience loyalty.

6. Total Collection After 24 Days

With the latest figures in, “Animal” has now amassed a total of Rs 536.14 crore over 24 days. This impressive total reflects the film’s exceptional performance and its ability to captivate audiences across various demographics.

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