Saif-Kareena: As the winter season blankets the northern regions of India, Bollywood’s power couple, Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor, have embarked on a delightful winter getaway to the opulent Pataudi Palace. Accompanied by their children, the family is relishing the serene beauty of the palace and embracing the season’s charm. Kareena Kapoor, fondly known as Bebo, has given fans a glimpse of their winter escapade through her social media.

Kareena Kapoor took to her Instagram account to share a captivating photo series that captures the essence of their tranquil vacation. The pictures depict Kareena and Saif savoring blissful moments in the luxurious surroundings of their bungalow within the palace premises.

One particular image showcases the couple seated in the palace garden, basking in the warm winter sun as they enjoy a leisurely lunch. Kareena, in her caption, not only shares these heartwarming moments but also tantalizes our taste buds. She writes, “Makki ki roti, sarso da saag, and that too from our own garden… these are my favorite things.”

The mention of “makki ki roti” and “sarso da saag” in her caption immediately conjures images of a quintessential North Indian winter meal. These traditional Punjabi dishes are a culinary delight during the winter months, and it’s heartwarming to know that Kareena and Saif are relishing them amidst the natural beauty of the Pataudi Palace.

Furthermore, Bebo’s Instagram feed is adorned with pictures of delectable food, showcasing not only “makki ki roti” and “sarso da saag” but also the sweet indulgence of milk cake. These images not only offer a glimpse into their culinary delights but also underscore the warmth and comfort that come with traditional winter cuisine.

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