Kia Sonet Facelift: A Fresh Hue with Seltos’s Pewter Olive Color Option

Kia Motors continues to innovate and appeal to a diverse customer base with the latest update to its popular compact SUV, the Kia Sonet. In a refreshing move, the upcoming facelift of the Sonet is set to feature the much-admired Pewter Olive exterior color, a shade borrowed from its sibling, the Kia Seltos. This addition is part of Kia’s strategy to keep its models vibrant and appealing in a highly competitive market.

Kia Sonet Facelift Expanding the Color Palette

The Kia Sonet, already known for its striking appearance, expands its color palette with the inclusion of the Pewter Olive shade. This addition brings the total color options for the Sonet to ten, including Intense Red, Imperial Blue, Glacier White Pearl with Aurora Black Pearl, Glacier White Pearl, Sparkling Silver, Aurora Black Pearl, Gravity Gray, and Intense Red with Aurora Black Pearl. This wide range of colors offers something for every taste, allowing customers to personalize their vehicles to their liking.

The Kia Sonet facelift is not just about a new color option. It brings a series of updates and refinements that are eagerly anticipated by fans and potential buyers. The details of these colors and variants were recently leaked, generating excitement among enthusiasts. The facelifted Sonet is scheduled to make its debut on December 14, marking a significant date for the compact SUV segment.

Kia Sonet Facelift Pricing and Purchase Options

The Kia Sonet facelift is expected to be priced between Rs. 9.14 and 17.45 lakh, offering a range that caters to various budget segments. Additionally, an EMI option starting at Rs. 14,896 for a 5-year period makes it an accessible choice for many. Notably, the new Sonet comes with no waiting period, a considerable advantage for eager buyers.

Kia doesn’t hold back when it comes to offering choices under the hood. The Sonet facelift will be available with engine options ranging from 998 to 1493 cc, catering to different power and efficiency needs. Transmission choices are equally diverse, including manual, clutchless manual (IMT), and automatic options, ensuring that there is a Sonet for every driving preference.

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