Vaishali Singh’s journey to becoming an IAS topper in 2018 is a testament to her courage and determination to follow her heart and make a difference in society. Despite initial setbacks, she displayed remarkable resilience and achieved success in her second attempt at the UPSC Civil Services Examination. In this article, we explore the inspiring story of Vaishali Singh.

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An Unconventional Choice

Vaishali Singh’s entry into the world of civil services was not a lifelong dream but a thoughtful decision made after reaching a certain point in her career. She never regretted her choice and remained steadfast in her pursuit of becoming an IAS officer.

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A Legacy of Brilliance

Coming from a family of lawyers, Vaishali’s childhood inclination towards law was evident. She not only graduated from the prestigious National Law University in Delhi but also secured the top position in her class. Her academic excellence was a testament to her dedication and intelligence.

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Early Education and Career

Vaishali hails from Faridabad, where she received her early education. After completing her 12th grade, she moved to Delhi to pursue a five-year integrated law course. Following her studies, she secured a job at a reputable company and began her professional career.

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The Turning Point

Despite a successful career in law, Vaishali found herself yearning for something more meaningful. Her inspiration came from her internship experiences, where she had the opportunity to teach underprivileged children. This ignited her desire to contribute to the welfare of society and uplift the marginalized.

IAS Officer Vaishali Singh
IAS Officer Vaishali Singh

Embracing the UPSC Challenge

With a newfound purpose, Vaishali decided to embark on the challenging path of UPSC. Her first attempt ended without passing the preliminary examination, but she remained undeterred. In her second attempt, Vaishali not only cleared all three stages of the examination but also secured an impressive eighth rank.


  • Vaishali Singh: IAS topper 2018, unconventional career choice, societal impact focus.
  • Legal background, National Law University graduate, academic excellence, family lawyers.
  • Origin Faridabad, early education there; moved to Delhi for law.Career shift inspired by teaching underprivileged children during internships.
  • Second UPSC attempt, ranked eighth, resilient and determined journey.

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