Mayank Mittal’s remarkable journey to becoming an IAS topper is an inspiring example of determination and perseverance. His success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE) is a testament to his unwavering commitment to achieving his goals. In this article, we will delve into the highlights of Mayank Mittal’s UPSC journey and the valuable advice he offers to aspiring candidates.

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Two Attempts, Double Success

Mayank Mittal, a name synonymous with success, secured the 29th rank in the UPSC CSE exam of 2019. This remarkable achievement came in his second attempt. Before this triumph, Mayank had already made a noteworthy mark in his first attempt, securing the 105th rank. However, he felt unsatisfied with the service he was allotted and decided to take the exam once more. His dedication paid off, and he clinched his desired IAS post with his second attempt.

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A Valuable Lesson in Patience

Mayank’s journey underscores the importance of patience in UPSC exam preparation. He advises aspiring candidates not to rush into their studies but to begin only after gaining a comprehensive understanding of the exam. Many candidates, he notes, hastily dive into preparation without thoroughly covering the syllabus. Mayank’s experience teaches us to avoid this hasty approach.

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IAS Mayank Mittal
IAS Mayank Mittal

Preparation Strategy: The Key to Success

Mayank emphasizes the significance of reading the syllabus thoroughly and formulating a well-structured strategy. Planning your preparation according to the syllabus not only makes it easier but ensures comprehensive coverage of all topics within the stipulated time frame.

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Mayank Mittal’s success story in the UPSC CSE exam serves as an inspiring example for all aspirants. His journey from a decent rank in his first attempt to securing a coveted IAS post in his second attempt highlights the importance of determination and patience in the pursuit of one’s goals. Mayank’s advice on proper preparation, starting only after complete understanding, and planning according to the syllabus can guide aspiring candidates towards success in their UPSC endeavors. May his story continue to inspire future civil servants on their own paths to excellence.


  • Mayank Mittal: UPSC CSE 2019, 29th rank; 2nd attempt success.
  • First attempt: 105th rank, dissatisfied; pursued UPSC journey further.
  • Mayank’s advice: Prepare patiently, know the exam thoroughly before starting.
  • Avoid rushing; cover syllabus comprehensively, don’t skip vital topics.
  • Plan strategy carefully, align with syllabus for efficient preparation.

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