मार्केट में धूम मचाएंगी बजाज की CNG बाइक, तगड़े फीचर्स और कंटाप माइलेज के साथ देखें कीमत

Bajaj is all set to create a revolution in the market with its new CNG bike. With strong features and impressive mileage, the price of Bajaj’s CNG bike is something to look forward to. The company is aiming to strengthen its position in the electric two-wheeler segment by introducing affordable electric models to increase sales and capture a larger market share.

The company is also working on adding liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), compressed natural gas (CNG), and ethanol-blended fuel models to its portfolio. These models are expected to be launched in the coming years. According to AutoCar’s report, Bajaj may be launching the country’s first CNG motorcycle, possibly named Platina. Its codename is Brujar E101.

The design of the new Bajaj motorcycle is expected to feature a plain design fuel tank and wide body panels. The frame design is reminiscent of the Bajaj Pulsar NS125 but modified to accommodate the CNG tank between the upper braces.

The Bajaj Pulsar CNG bike is expected to feature impressive and innovative features and an attractive look. It is equipped with dual fuel technology to provide excellent mileage. If successful, Bajaj’s CNG bike will be the world’s first CNG motorcycle, indicating the company’s commitment to environmentally friendly and fuel-efficient transportation.

The launch of this motorcycle may take at least a year. Once launched, the CNG bike has the potential to compete with petrol and electric motorcycles. Similar to reports, the company may also launch a CNG version of the Bajaj Pulsar. This new addition in Bajaj’s portfolio showcases its commitment to innovation and sustainability in the two-wheeler segment.


– Bajaj is preparing to launch a CNG bike in the auto electric two-wheeler segment to strengthen its position
– The company is also working on launching affordable electric models to increase sales and market share
– Bajaj is also working on including models such as LPG, CNG, and ethanol-blended fuel in its portfolio in the coming years
– The new Bajaj CNG bike is expected to be called the Platina with the codename Bruzer E101
– The bike’s design will include a fuel tank with a plain design and wide body panels, modified frame, and adjusted CNG tank placement
– The bike is expected to have great features and a new look, along with good mileage
– Bajaj is planning to launch the CNG bike, which could be the world’s first CNG bike, and possibly sell it alongside their petrol engine bikes
– The launch of the CNG bike may take at least a year, but it could potentially compete with petrol and electric motorcycles and offer great mileage
– Reports suggest that Bajaj may launch the CNG version of the Pulsar

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