Mukund Kumar’s success in the UPSC exam wasn’t a stroke of luck but the culmination of years of dedicated preparation. He meticulously strengthened his grasp on all aspects required for the examination and only attempted it when fully satisfied with his preparation. Mukund’s journey to topping the UPSC in his first attempt was built on a foundation of persistent hard work and strategic planning.

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Rigorous and Confident Preparation Leads to Success

When Mukund set his sights on the UPSC exam, he embarked on an intensive preparation journey. He devoted himself day and night to study, only attempting the exam when he felt completely confident in his readiness. His efforts paid off splendidly, as he secured the 54th rank on his first attempt, a result that he had envisioned for himself.

Motivation and Clear Intentions: Mukund’s Key to Perseverance

Mukund believes that strong motivation, fueled by clear intentions, is essential for enduring the rigorous UPSC preparation. He emphasizes that a genuine desire to serve and a true reason for aspiring to the IAS role are crucial for self-motivation and relentless pursuit of one’s goals.

Mukund’s Aspiration to Serve the Underprivileged

Mukund’s driving force was his ambition to serve the underprivileged sections of society. He saw this as his true measure of success. Keeping this noble goal in mind, he continued his preparation for years, only applying for the exam when he felt fully prepared.

Importance of Preliminary Examination and Integrated Preparation

Mukund advises other aspirants to prioritize the preliminary examination, as it is a critical first step. He suggests dedicating at least six months exclusively to preparing for it. However, he also recommends an integrated approach to the three stages of the UPSC exam – prelims, mains, and interview – preparing for them concurrently.

Two Years of Comprehensive Preparation

According to Mukund, a proper UPSC preparation usually spans about two years, allowing for complete coverage of the syllabus. He himself began his preparations well in advance and took nearly two full years to prepare before taking the exam.

IAS Officer Mukund Kumar
IAS Officer Mukund Kumar

Emphasizing Optional Subjects and Revision

Mukund views the choice and preparation of optional subjects as vital, recommending at least six months of focused study. Additionally, he underscores the importance of extensive revision and practice, including mock tests and answer writing. His parting advice to aspirants is that sincere efforts are bound to yield success in the UPSC examination.


  • Mukund Kumar, IAS topper, achieved success with strategic, thorough preparation.
  • Prepared rigorously, only attempted UPSC when fully confident in readiness.
  • Strong motivation, clear intentions key to Mukund’s persistent UPSC efforts.
  • Aimed to serve underprivileged, driving his years-long focused exam preparation.
  • Stressed prelims’ importance, advised separate six-month preparation for initial stage.
  • Advocated integrated approach for prelims, mains, and interview, treating them as one.
  • Suggested two years for comprehensive UPSC syllabus coverage and preparation.
  • Emphasized optional subjects, allocating six months for focused study.
  • Highlighted revision’s critical role, along with regular mock tests, answer practice.
  • Concluded with advice on sincerity and hard work leading to success.

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