In the bustling city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, lived a young man named Syed Riyaz Ahmed, whose academic journey was far from ordinary. Riyaz, after facing a setback in his 12th grade, where he failed, encountered a demoralizing comment from his teacher who branded him as a ‘zero.’ This harsh assessment was not only a blow to his self-esteem but also a challenge to his future aspirations. Yet, it was his father’s unwavering belief in his potential that became the cornerstone of his resilience. His father’s words, “You will do something big in life,” echoed in Riyaz’s mind, igniting a fire of determination to clear the prestigious UPSC exam. This moment marked the beginning of a transformation from a perceived ‘zero’ to an IAS achiever.

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Childhood to Challenger: The Educational Path of Riyaz

Syed Riyaz Ahmed’s academic journey was not marked by a strong inclination towards studies. His path to the Intermediate board examination was fraught with challenges, culminating in a failure that subjected him to ridicule and criticism. However, amidst the turmoil, his father’s steadfast faith in him stood as a beacon of hope. This support extended beyond mere words, as his father played a crucial role in Riyaz’s journey towards the UPSC examination. The encouragement and belief of his father were instrumental in Riyaz’s eventual success, showcasing the power of parental support in overcoming educational hurdles.

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The UPSC Odyssey: Trials, Tribulations, and Triumph

The year 2013 marked the commencement of Syed Riyaz Ahmed’s quest to conquer the UPSC examination. Initially, his failures in the exam led him to doubt his capabilities, but the memory of his father’s encouraging words spurred him on. Riyaz’s journey was not smooth; he even contemplated giving up and faced severe financial challenges, to the extent of considering selling his family home. However, in these moments of despair, he found renewed motivation and determination. This relentless pursuit and dedication ultimately led to his success, exemplifying that perseverance in the face of adversity can lead to remarkable achievements.

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IAS Syed Riyaz Ahmad
IAS Syed Riyaz Ahmad

Syed Riyaz Ahmed’s Message of Hope and Hard Work

Emerging victorious in his UPSC endeavor, Riyaz conveys a powerful message: success in this exam, or any field, is not predicated on a privileged background. He stands as a testament that starting from ‘zero’ is not an impediment to achieving one’s dreams. His journey underscores the importance of patience, hard work, and consistent effort. Riyaz emphasizes the value of family support as a motivational force and believes that those who commit to their goals with diligence are bound to succeed. His story is not just about clearing an exam; it’s about shattering stereotypes and demonstrating that with determination, even the most challenging goals are attainable.


  • Syed Riyaz Ahmed, Nagpur resident, overcame 12th grade failure.
  • Faced teacher’s demotivation, father inspired him towards significant achievements.
  • Despite childhood disinterest in studies, aimed for UPSC success.
  • Endured ridicule post-failure, bolstered by father’s unwavering faith.
  • Began UPSC quest in 2013, initially doubted his capabilities.
  • Contemplated quitting; financial struggles led to selling house consideration.
  • Father’s motivation pivotal in overcoming challenges, persevering in preparation.
  • Triumphed in UPSC, proving background doesn’t define success potential.
  • Emphasizes patience, hard work in UPSC, regardless of starting point.
  • Advocates family support as crucial motivational factor for achieving goals.

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