Maruti Suzuki EECO 2023
Maruti Suzuki EECO 2023

Maruti Suzuki EECO 2023: Maruti EECO, which has stopped the Ertiga, provides great mileage and strong features at an affordable price of only 5.25 lakh. In the auto sector, people prefer cars with more space and more passengers, which is why 7-seater cars are becoming more popular. We are going to tell you about the cheapest 7-seater car by Maruti with a price of less than 6 lakhs. Its name is Maruti Suzuki EECO, let’s find out more about it.

Maruti is a well-known company in India and is the most purchased brand in the market. This car is both budget-friendly and affordable, with the ability to comfortably accommodate 7-8 people and no issues with boot space.

Moving on to the engine, the Maruti Suzuki EECO is equipped with a powerful 1.2-liter K-Series dual jet, dual VVT engine that generates 80.76ps power and 104.4nm peak torque. The company claims that it is capable of providing a mileage of 20.20kmpl. The CNG variant is expected to provide 29% more mileage.

When it comes to features, the Maruti Suzuki EECO comes with digital instrument cluster, cabin air filter (AC variant), a new steering wheel, AC rotary control, driver-focused control system, and many other advanced features, providing an excellent driving experience.

In terms of pricing, the Maruti Suzuki EECO’s price starts from 5.25 lakh rupees and goes up to 6.51 lakh rupees (ex-showroom). It is available in 5 color options including Metallic Brisk Blue, Pearl Midnight Black, Metallic White, and Metallic Silky Silver.

Overall, the Maruti Suzuki EECO offers a budget-friendly and reliable option for families looking for an affordable 7-seater car with good mileage and advanced features.


– Maruti Suzuki EECO is a budget-friendly 7-seater car that offers plenty of space and comfort for passengers.
– The engine is powerful, with a 1.2-liter K-Series engine capable of generating 80.76ps of power and 104.4nm of peak torque. It also offers good mileage at 20.20kmpl and is available in a CNG variant.
– The car comes with advanced features such as a digital instrument cluster, cabin air filter (AC variant), new steering wheel, AC rotary control, and driver-focused control system.
– The price of the Maruti Suzuki EECO ranges from 5.25 lakh rupees to 6.51 lakh rupees, with five color options available.

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