In the world of competitive exams, achieving success in the UPSC Civil Services Examination is a dream for many aspiring individuals. Kanchan, a young and determined individual hailing from Sirsa, Haryana, recently became an inspirational figure by not only passing the UPSC CSE but also topping it in her second attempt. Her remarkable journey from her first attempt to securing the 35th rank in the UPSC CSE has left an indelible mark of determination and perseverance.

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IAS Topper Kanchan’s Journey:

Kanchan’s extraordinary journey began with her first attempt at the UPSC CSE, which she passed at a remarkably young age. Her determination and commitment to her goal were evident from the very beginning. However, she was not entirely satisfied with the rank she achieved in her first attempt, which prompted her to make a bold decision.

The Second Attempt:

Kanchan’s relentless pursuit of her dream led her to attempt the UPSC CSE once again. In her second attempt, she not only cleared the examination but also secured the coveted 35th rank. This achievement not only fulfilled her aspiration of becoming an IAS officer but also exemplified her unwavering commitment to her goal.

Childhood Dream:

From a tender age, Kanchan nurtured the dream of becoming an IAS officer. She had a burning desire to serve her country and bring about positive change in society through her role in the civil services. Kanchan’s journey was not just about securing a prestigious job; it was about realizing her childhood dream.

Educational Background:

Kanchan’s academic journey laid a strong foundation for her success in the UPSC CSE. Her early education took place in Sirsa, and later she moved to Chandigarh for her higher studies. After completing her 12th grade, Kanchan relocated to Delhi, where she pursued a degree in law from a prestigious university.

Pursuit of UPSC CSE:

Immediately after completing her graduation, Kanchan wasted no time and embarked on her journey to prepare for the UPSC CSE. Her dedication and hard work during this period were unwavering, reflecting her determination to achieve her goal.

IAS Kanchan
IAS Kanchan

Choosing Law as Her Optional Subject:

One of the key factors that contributed to Kanchan’s success was her choice of optional subject in the UPSC CSE. With a background in law and a genuine passion for the subject, she decided to make it her optional subject. This choice proved to be instrumental in her success, as she was already well-versed in the subject matter and had a deep understanding of it.


  • Kanchan: Inspiring journey, UPSC success, two attempts, childhood dream fulfilled.
  • First attempt: Young age pass, not satisfied, led to second attempt.
  • Second attempt: Topped UPSC CSE, 35th rank, desired IAS post.
  • Childhood dream: Always wanted to be IAS officer, strong aspiration.
  • Educational background: Early education in Sirsa, law degree in Delhi.
  • UPSC preparation: Started immediately after law graduation, dedication, commitment.
  • Law as optional: Chose favorite subject, deep understanding, instrumental in success.
  • Determination: Unwavering commitment, hard work, proof that dreams come true.
  • Inspirational figure: Source of hope and motivation for aspiring civil servants.
  • Message: Setbacks are opportunities for growth, persistence leads to success.

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