Bajaj CNG Bike
Bajaj CNG Bike

In the Indian market, we have seen a fair share of electric bikes, but now there is talk of a CNG bike as well. It has been reported that the Indian automobile company Bajaj is soon going to introduce its CNG bike in the market. The news is that Bajaj is planning to release the CNG variant of its popular bike, the Bajaj Pulsar. The testing for this bike is currently underway, and during the testing, some features of the bike have been revealed.

Reports suggest that the Bajaj CNG Bike may come equipped with telescopic forks, front disc brakes, and upright position features. Additionally, this bike may also have elevated handlebars and modern features like alloy wheels similar to the design of the Bajaj Pulsar NS125.

When it comes to the design, the bike is expected to have a plain design fuel tank and wide body panels. The frame of the bike appears to be similar to the modified version of the Bajaj Pulsar NS125. The CNG tank has been adjusted between the braces of the bike. In terms of performance, the CNG engine is expected to generate less power than a petrol engine. The bike may come with a 125cc engine.

Regarding the launch, it may take approximately a year for the bike to be officially launched. Once launched, the CNG bike could give tough competition to both petrol and electric bikes in the market. It is expected to offer better mileage than petrol bikes and reduce overall expenses.

So, the launch of Bajaj’s CNG Pulsar bike is definitely something to watch out for, especially with its promising features and potential to revolutionize the market.


– Bajaj plans to launch CNG variant of popular bike Bajaj Pulsar soon
– Features of the CNG bike may include telescopic forks, front disc brakes, and elevated handlebars
– The design of the bike is expected to feature a plain design fuel tank and wide body panels
– The launch of the Bajaj CNG bike may take about a year, and it is expected to compete with petrol and electric bikes in terms of mileage and cost efficiency

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