Mahindra Bolero has once again made a royal entry into the market with new style and lower price. With powerful features and fantastic mileage, Mahindra has managed to capture the attention of customers. Last year, Mahindra introduced its new flagship SUV700 and also presented the new Scorpio-N model. Now, we can expect to see the 2022 Mahindra Bolero taking the market by storm.

The new Bolero comes with various updates and is expected to be launched in the Indian market soon. Its boxy design will remain unchanged, a feature that has been popular with Indian customers for almost two decades. The 2022 Mahindra Bolero is likely to include a new twin-peaks badge in the front, along with a modified electric grill. Additionally, the fog lights will be redesigned and an extra wheel will be added to the rear part. The taillights may also have some adjustments. The side profile will look similar to the current model with minimal changes.

The new Mahindra Bolero 2023 will come equipped with micro-hybrid technology, a touchscreen infotainment system, ABS, EBD, airbags, cruise control, and a Bluetooth-connected music system. The prices start at 9.62 lakh rupees and the company is expecting to launch the new Bolero before the festival season, with deliveries planned for October and November.

The Bolero brand of Mahindra offers two SUV models – Bolero Classic and Bolero Nio. The Bolero Classic has been popular in rural and urban areas since its launch in 2000. The company provides only one option for a diesel engine with a power of 55.9 kilowatts. It also includes airbags, ABS, Bluetooth-connected music system, and a BS-6 engine. The ex-showroom price starts at 9.78 lakh rupees.

In the end, Mahindra is all set to surprise the market once again with the launch of the new Bolero, delivering impressive features, great mileage, and a reasonable price tag. This upcoming release is expected to create a buzz in the automotive market and capture the interest of both urban and rural customers.


1. Mahindra Bolero has been relaunched with new features and a lower price entry, and has been popular in the Indian market for almost two decades.
2. The 2022 Mahindra Bolero may feature a new twin-peak badge, revised electric grill, and fog lights, but the overall design will remain similar to the current model.
3. The new Bolero offers features such as micro-hybrid technology, touchscreen infotainment system, ABS, EBD, airbags, cruise control, and starts at a price of 9.62 lakhs.
4. The delivery of the 2023 Bolero is expected to start in October or November, just in time for the festive season in India.
5. The Mahindra Bolero lineup includes the Classic and the Nio models, with the Nio offering a powerful turbocharged gasoline engine and various features.

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