The PMV Electric EaS-E is gaining a lot of attention due to its unique design and look. This car is a 2-seater micro electric car that has caught the eye of many because of its compact size. In fact, it is even smaller than the Nano electric car, making it a preferred choice for many. The dimensions of the PMV Electric EaS-E are 2,915 mm in length, 1,157 mm in width, and 1,600 mm in height with a ground clearance of 170 mm. The wheelbase of this car is 2,087 mm, making it an ideal choice for easy travel for two people.

When it comes to the driving range of the PMV Electric EaS-E, the company claims that a full charge can provide a driving range of 120 to 200 kilometers. The battery in this car can be fully charged in just 4 hours and provides 3 kW of power. Additionally, the car comes with features such as a digital infotainment system, USB charging port, keyless entry, air conditioning, cruise control, seat belt reminder, and remote park assist.

The PMV Electric EaS-E is revolutionizing the concept of electric cars with its compact size and impressive features. With its focus on sustainability and efficiency, it is paving the way for the future of urban mobility. As electric cars continue to gain popularity, the PMV Electric EaS-E is definitely making a mark in the automotive industry. With its small size, impressive range, and advanced features, it is set to redefine the concept of urban commuting.

PMV Electric EaS-E
PMV Electric EaS-E


– The PMV Electric EaS-E is being talked about due to its design and appearance
– It is the smallest electric car in the country with unique dimensions
– It has a driving range of 120-200 kilometers on a full charge
– Features of the car include digital infotainment system, USB charging port, keyless entry, AC, cruise control, and more.

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