Lokesh Yadav, an extraordinary achiever, embarked on a remarkable journey from IIT to IAS, demonstrating that with determination and the right approach, one can overcome any challenge that comes their way. His journey is not just about success but also about the valuable lessons he learned along the way.

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Academic Excellence from 12th to IIT to IIM

Lokesh’s journey began with stellar academic performance in his early years. After excelling in his 12th-grade exams, he secured a place in the prestigious IIT Delhi through the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Following his graduation from IIT Delhi, Lokesh set his sights on management and pursued an MBA at IIM Indore, demonstrating his versatility and thirst for knowledge.

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The Leap Towards UPSC

Despite his numerous accomplishments, Lokesh remained unfulfilled and chose to embark on a new challenge—the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). His unwavering determination and dedication paid off when he cleared the UPSC CSE in his very first attempt in 2018, earning the coveted title of an IAS officer.

The Power of Self-Belief

Lokesh emphasizes the importance of self-belief as the first step towards success. He firmly believes that one must have unwavering faith in their abilities to conquer the UPSC exam. Self-doubt can be a significant obstacle, and cultivating confidence is paramount.

Resource Management and Syllabus-Centric Approach

Another key lesson Lokesh imparts is the significance of resource management. He advises UPSC aspirants to keep their study materials concise and aligned with the syllabus. Thoroughly revising a limited set of books is more effective than spreading oneself thin across numerous resources. He also recommends using the internet to fill in any knowledge gaps that may arise.

IAS Lokesh Yadav
IAS Lokesh Yadav

The Role of Mock Tests

Lokesh highlights the pivotal role of mock tests in UPSC preparation. Once a certain level of preparation is achieved, he suggests taking mock tests to assess one’s real-time performance. These tests provide valuable insights into areas needing improvement, enabling candidates to make necessary adjustments in their study strategy.

Lokesh Yadav’s journey from IIT to IAS serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring civil servants. His story demonstrates that a relentless pursuit of one’s dreams, self-belief, effective resource management, and regular assessment through mock tests are the cornerstones of success in the challenging UPSC CSE. His experiences and insights continue to guide and motivate future aspirants on their own journeys to becoming IAS officers.


Lokesh Yadav: IIT to IAS, a journey of unwavering determination.

Stellar academics: 12th, IIT Delhi, and an MBA from IIM.

UPSC CSE success: Cleared in the first attempt, becoming an IAS.

Self-belief: Crucial for overcoming self-doubt on the path to success.

Resource management: Optimal use of limited study materials aligned with syllabus.

Mock tests: Valuable for assessing progress and making necessary improvements.

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