Honda has recently launched a fantastic bike, which is creating a buzz in the market with its killer looks and powerful features. This new bike is being compared to Pulsar and Apache due to its stunning looks and exceptional mileage. The Honda SP125 bike features a modern design with a single pod headlight, body-colored headlight cowl, front fender, and fuel tank shroud, making it look very attractive. The list of features includes an LED headlight, a full-digital instrument cluster, a piston cooling jet technique, engine start/stop switch, and a combined braking system. With a powerful 124cc engine, the bike delivers a remarkable mileage of approximately 70km/l. The Honda SP125 is priced at Rs. 89,131 and is available in five different colors, making it a competitive option in the market. Visit our site for more information on this stunning bike.

Honda SP125
Honda SP125


– A powerful new bike by Honda with a killer look and impressive features is creating a buzz in the market
– The Honda SP125 bike has a stunning appearance with superb mileage
– The bike maintains the same standard look with attractive modern features
– Features of the Honda SP125 bike include LED headlights, a full digital instrument cluster, a piston-cooling jet technology, and a combined braking system
– The bike is equipped with a 123.94cc, single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that delivers excellent power and torque, with a mileage of approximately 70 kilometers per liter
– The price of the Honda SP125 is set at 89,131 rupees, with five different color options available

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