The introduction of electric tractors in the agricultural sector has opened up a new era for farmers, offering them a sustainable and efficient alternative to traditional fuel-based tractors. The launch of the electric tractor by the government is aimed at empowering and uplifting the farming community, providing them with advanced technology to increase their productivity and profitability.

The electric tractor boasts impressive features, including a torque of 110 Nm, enabling it to handle heavy work with ease. It is equipped with double-acting power steering and has a load capacity of up to 1250 kilograms. The 32HP compact design makes it suitable for small farms, ensuring that farmers of all scales can benefit from this innovation.

The electric tractor also features a 1306CC four-cylinder engine generating 72 Nm of torque, making it easy to operate and control various agricultural machinery. Its efficient operation simplifies agricultural tasks, further enhancing its appeal to farmers.

As for the price, the electric tractor is priced at 25 lakh rupees. However, various banks offer attractive financing options and EMI schemes to make it more accessible to farmers. Additionally, the availability of the electric tractor through authorized dealers or showrooms enhances the convenience of purchasing this groundbreaking agricultural equipment.

In the end, the introduction of electric tractors in the agricultural sector marks a significant step towards sustainable and eco-friendly farming practices. The advanced features and attractive financing options make it a compelling choice for farmers looking to enhance their agricultural operations while contributing to environmental conservation.


– The government is introducing new ways to support and uplift farmers, including the launch of an electric tractor designed to help them earn more profit
– The electric tractor has features like 110Nm torque, double-acting power steering, and a 1250 kg load capacity, making it suitable for handling heavy agricultural work
– The compact design and 32HP power of the tractor make it suitable for small farms
– The price of the electric tractor is 25 lakh rupees, but it can be purchased at lower rates through some banks and also with EMI options.

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