बाजार में भौकाल मचायेगी Tata Sumo का न्यू लुक, देखे फीचर्स और कीमत

Tata Motors is gearing up to launch a new SUV in the Indian market. The new variant of Tata Sumo is expected to make waves in the SUV segment. The car is equipped with a 2936cc diesel engine that provides a mileage of 15 kilometers per liter. It also features a BS4 engine upgrade. The 7-seater variant is set to be launched soon, with modern features and safety in mind. The company is focusing on making the new Tata Sumo a competitive option in the market. The price of the diesel variant is expected to range from 6.5 to 10 lakh rupees, making it an attractive option for SUV enthusiasts.


– Tata Motors is preparing to launch a new SUV in the Indian market, creating excitement in the SUV segment.
– The new Tata Sumo will have a 2936cc diesel engine with BS4 updates, providing 15 kilometers per liter mileage.
– The car will feature modern amenities such as cruise control, prioritizing safety and improved looks, and is set to launch soon as a 7-seater variant.
– The upgraded Tata Sumo is designed to be competitive in the market, offering advanced features and cruise control.
– The price of the new Tata Sumo is expected to be slightly higher, ranging between 6.5 to 10 lakh rupees, reflecting the added features.

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