World Cup 2023 Final: The 2023 Cricket World Cup (CWC 2023) witnessed a dramatic final between India and Australia, which has sparked a significant debate in the cricketing community. A key focus of this discussion is the performance of Indian batsman Suryakumar Yadav, who has come under criticism from former Pakistani captain Salman Butt for his approach during the match.

Critical Reaction from Salman Butt:

Salman Butt, a seasoned cricketer and former Pakistani captain, expressed his dissatisfaction with Yadav’s performance in the final. He highlighted that Yadav’s approach to batting in the high-stakes game was not up to the mark, especially considering the expectations placed upon him.

Lack of Responsibility in Batting:

World Cup 2023 Final: Butt pointed out that Yadav, instead of taking charge and aiming for big shots, opted to rotate the strike with singles. This tactic, according to Butt, was not suitable for the situation, especially given Yadav’s role and capabilities as a batsman known for scoring swiftly.

Performance in the Final:

Yadav, who was brought into the World Cup squad for his rapid run-scoring ability, struggled in the final match. Scoring only 18 runs off 28 balls, including just a single boundary, his performance fell short of expectations. This was a significant factor in India’s batting struggles during the match.

Batting with Tail-End Batsmen:

World Cup 2023 Final: Butt also commented on Yadav’s strategy while batting alongside the tail-enders. On his YouTube channel, Butt expressed his inability to comprehend Yadav’s tactics, emphasizing that Yadav should have taken the lead in scoring, especially against Australia’s reverse swing bowling, rather than relying on the lower-order batsmen.

Struggle Against Australian Bowlers:

Yadav’s attempts to hit big shots against the Australian bowlers, particularly in the backward direction, were unsuccessful. His innings concluded when he was caught by wicketkeeper Josh Inglis off Josh Hazlewood’s bowling in the 48th over. India managed to post a total of 240 runs, a target Australia comfortably chased down with six wickets in hand in 43 overs, clinching the World Cup title.

Suryakumar Yadav
Suryakumar Yadav

World Cup 2023 Final: The criticism from Salman Butt underscores the high expectations and pressure in international cricket, particularly in a prestigious event like the CWC. Yadav’s performance in the final has become a point of discussion, reflecting the ongoing analysis and scrutiny in the world of cricket.

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