ODI World Cup 2023: The ODI World Cup 2023 culminated in a thrilling finale, with Australia clinching their sixth World Cup title in a gripping match against India. This victory not only added another feather in Australia’s cricketing cap but also brought with it a substantial financial reward from the International Cricket Council (ICC).

Australia’s Historic Win Over India:

The final face-off in the ODI World Cup 2023 saw Australia triumph over India by 6 wickets. The match, played on Sunday, was a showcase of Australia’s cricketing prowess, as they easily reached the target set by India, marking their sixth World Cup title victory.

India’s Batting Struggles:

ODI World Cup 2023: In this crucial match, India, batting first, couldn’t make a strong impression. Except for notable performances by Rohit Sharma, Virat Kohli, and KL Rahul, the Indian batting lineup faltered, setting a modest target of 241 runs. Australia, known as the Kangaroos in the cricketing world, chased down this target with relative ease, losing only 4 wickets in 43 overs and securing the win with 46 balls to spare.

Prize Money for Australia and India:

In a grand gesture, the ICC awarded the victorious Australian team a whopping 40 lakh US dollars, approximately INR 33.3 crores. This significant sum reflects the prestige and importance of the tournament. Meanwhile, the Indian team, as runners-up, received a commendable 2 million dollars, translating to about INR 16.5 crores.

Comparison with Previous World Cups:

ODI World Cup 2023: To put this in perspective, England, the winners of the 2019 World Cup, received 4 million dollars (around INR 28 crores), while the runners-up, New Zealand, were awarded 2 million dollars (approximately INR 14 crores). The ICC has evidently increased the prize money this time, enhancing the stakes of the tournament.

Rewards for Semi-Finalists and Other Teams:

The ICC also extended its generosity to the semi-finalist teams of the ODI World Cup 2023. Both South Africa and New Zealand were rewarded with 8 lakh US dollars each (around INR 6.60 crores). Additionally, teams that were eliminated in the league stage were not left empty-handed, each receiving 1 lakh US dollars (about INR 83 lakhs).

World Cup 2023 Final Win AUS Team
World Cup 2023 Final Win AUS Team

ODI World Cup 2023: This distribution of prize money not only reflects the ICC’s recognition of the teams’ efforts and achievements but also underscores the growing financial stature and global appeal of cricket, particularly in marquee events like the ODI World Cup.

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