Maruti Wagon R: Maruti has launched its new Wagon R and it has taken the market by storm. The introductory price of this model is only 51000 rupees and there is a 45% discount available, making it an affordable option for many buyers. The company has also promised to provide excellent finance plans for this model, with a 45000 rupee discount under the new finance plan.

This compact car boasts a powerful engine ranging from 998 cc to 1197 cc, generating a power of 55.92 to 88.5 bhp. It also offers the convenience of both manual and automatic transmission. Additionally, the car provides an impressive mileage of 30 to 25 kmpl, making it a fuel-efficient choice for consumers. Maruti has ensured the safety and security of the passengers by equipping the car with two airbags.

For those interested in purchasing the Wagon R, it is important to note that the on-road starting price in Delhi is 5,54,500 rupees. However, the top model of this car is priced at 6,08,669 rupees. In November, the company is offering a 45% discount on this model, resulting in a reduction of ₹25000 and an exchange bonus of ₹20000 as part of the customer offer.

Overall, Maruti’s new Wagon R is making a strong impression in the market with its affordability, advanced features, and attractive discounts. It provides a combination of power, fuel efficiency, and safety features, making it a promising choice for car buyers.

Maruti Wagon R
Maruti Wagon R


– Maruti has launched its new Wagon R car in India, priced at just 51000 rupees with a 45% discount offer
– The company is offering attractive finance plans and 45000 rupees discount to customers in Delhi
– The car features a powerful engine, manual and automatic transmission options, and impressive mileage of 25-30 kmpl
– The price of the car starts at 5,54,500 rupees and goes up to 6,08,669 rupees, with additional discounts offered by the company
– The car also offers safety features such as airbags and is compatible with both petrol and CNG fuels

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