In the 1980s, the Royal Enfield Bullet became a status symbol and continues to reign in the hearts of people today. The company has made significant changes to its features in response to the growing demand, resulting in an increase in its price. Interestingly, a viral image on social media showcasing the 1986 model of Royal Enfield Bullet 350 has raised eyebrows among enthusiasts. People are astonished to find out that the on-road price of the bike back then was only 18,700 rupees.

The Royal Enfield Bullet, also known as Enfield Bullet in 1986, was known for its robust quality and reliability, and was even used by the Indian army for patrol in border areas. It is one of the oldest bikes in the Royal Enfield portfolio, but the company is planning to launch a new 650cc engine model in India soon.

It is worth noting that the Royal Enfield Bullet was previously only available in 350cc and 500cc engine options. The current variations reveal the company’s commitment to keeping up with the changing demands of the market and consumers.

And in the last, the Royal Enfield Bullet’s journey from a modestly priced bike in the past to its current status as a coveted and iconic motorcycle signifies its enduring legacy. As the company continues to innovate and adapt with new models, it’s clear that the Royal Enfield Bullet will continue to captivate motorcycle enthusiasts for years to come.

Enfield Bullet 1986 Bill
Enfield Bullet 1986 Bill


– The Royal Enfield Bullet continues to be popular and has a royal look that attracts people.
– A recent viral photo shows a 1986 Royal Enfield Bullet 350 bill, revealing that it was sold for only 18,700 rupees.
– The bike was known only as Enfield Bullet in 1986 and was widely used by the Indian army in border areas for patrolling.
– The company plans to launch a new 650cc engine Bullet in India soon, adding to the existing 350cc and 500cc options.
– The bike has seen significant price increases, with the 1986 model selling at a much lower rate than current models.
– The company is looking to expand its portfolio with new models and engines in the near future.

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