OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 E-Scooter: OLA’s New Killer Look Creating a Buzz in the Market

OLA has been making waves in the Indian market with its new killer looks and is outperforming all other companies when it comes to selling electric scooters. The company has recently launched the OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 Electric Scooter, which has already been purchased by many people. However, some may have changed their minds after seeing the price.

The OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 is the best electric scooter offered by OLA. The company is providing a great opportunity for people who cannot afford to pay a large sum of money at once. If you want to buy this electric scooter for just 25,000 rupees, then you should check the details here.

The second-generation model of the OLA S1 Pro is 6 kilograms lighter than the previous model, indicating various significant changes. This premium electric scooter is equipped with telescopic twin suspension at the front, monoshock suspension at the rear, CBS braking system, front and rear disc brakes, 12-inch alloy wheels, LED projector headlamp, tail lamp, indicators, a side stand alert, reverse mode, OTA updates, and remote boot unlock, among many other exterior features.

The Gen2 Ola S1 Pro is built on a new and more powerful electric motor and battery pack platform. The new Ola S1 Pro Gen2 is almost 6 kilograms lighter than the Gen1 model and comes with a powerful battery pack. Charging the scooter once will give a range of 195 kilometers.

In addition, the company has also launched its entry-level product, the S1X electric scooter. The new motor of this electric scooter produces a continuous output of 5kW and peak output of 11kW, resulting in an increase in the scooter’s speed from 116 kilometers per hour to 120 kilometers per hour.

With the powerful battery and enhanced performance, the OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 E-Scooter is definitely a game-changer in the electric scooter market. The killer looks and advanced features are attracting a lot of attention and making OLA a dominant player in the segment.

OLA S1 Pro
OLA S1 Pro


– Ola has launched the OLA S1 Pro Gen 2 E-Scooter, which has gained popularity in the market.
– The scooter has a killer look and is considered one of Ola’s best electric scooters.
– It is priced at 25,000 rupees, making it affordable for many people.
– The scooter has a variety of features, including a new and more powerful electric motor and battery pack.
– The S1 Pro Gen 2 E-Scooter offers better performance compared to its predecessor, the S1X.

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