Hero Splendor Electric: Looking at the rapidly increasing prices of petrol and diesel nationwide, companies are introducing new and innovative vehicles to cater to the needs of their customers. One of the vehicles that is gaining popularity in the market is electric vehicles, particularly electric scooters and bikes. Hero, one of the leading companies in India, is also planning to launch its electric version of the Hero Splendor, keeping in mind the growing preference for electric vehicles.

The electric version of the Hero Splendor is expected to come with several advanced features. The bike will retain its seat, tail light, and front light, while incorporating an LCD display. Additionally, the bike will also include features such as mobile charging, GPS, speed sensors, and more. This electric version of the Hero Splendor is aimed at providing customers with a more eco-friendly and technologically advanced option.

In terms of the battery, the Splendor Electric is expected to have a robust battery with 8kwh capacity and a 9kW electric motor, providing a range of 240 kilometers. This makes it an efficient and reliable option for those looking for a practical and eco-friendly mode of transportation.

As for the price, the Hero Splendor Electric bike is expected to be priced at around 90,000 rupees, making it a competitive option in the electric vehicle market.

Overall, the introduction of the electric version of the Hero Splendor reflects the growing trend towards eco-friendly and technologically advanced vehicles in the Indian market. With its advanced features and competitive pricing, it is set to make a significant impact in the electric vehicle segment.

Hero Splendor Electric
Hero Splendor Electric


1. Rising fuel prices in India leading companies to introduce new electric vehicles.
2. Hero Splendor Electric bike with advanced features like LCD display, mobile charging, speed sensors, etc.
3. The bike comes with a powerful 8kwh battery and a 9kW electric motor, providing a range of 240 kilometers.
4. The price of the Hero Splendor Electric bike is 90,000 rupees.
5. Introduction of the electric scooter in the Indian market, causing a stir due to its impressive features and mileage.

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