The Yamaha RX 100 has always been a popular bike in India due to its powerful performance and impressive mileage. Recognizing the immense demand for this iconic model, Yamaha has decided to reintroduce the Yamaha RX100 with updated features and a modern version.

According to reports, the new Yamaha RX 100 will be equipped with a powerful fuel-injected petrol engine, along with features such as LED day-time running lights (DRL), electric start, and a digital instrument cluster. These modern features are expected to enhance the overall riding experience for customers.

In terms of its specifications, the Yamaha RX100 will come with wire-spoke wheels, telescopic front forks, and dual shock absorbers for the rear suspension. Additionally, the bike will be equipped with front disc brakes and rear drum brakes to ensure the safety of the riders.

As for the pricing, sources estimate the new Yamaha RX100 to be priced between 1.25 lakh to 1.5 lakh rupees. While the official launch date of the bike has not been announced yet, it is anticipated that Yamaha may launch the new model in 2023 or 2024.

The reintroduction of the Yamaha RX100 is expected to stir excitement among bike enthusiasts in India. With its powerful engine, modern features, and iconic design, the updated version of the Yamaha RX100 is likely to rekindle the love for this legendary bike among riders across the country.

 Yamaha RX 100
Yamaha RX 100


– The Yamaha RX 100 bike has always been popular in India for its speed and excellent mileage.
– The new Yamaha RX100 will come with modern features like powerful fuel-injected petrol engine, LED daytime running lights, electric start, and digital instrument cluster.
– The bike will also have wire-spoke wheels, telescopic front forks, dual shock absorber rear suspension, front disc brakes, and rear drum brakes for safety.
– The expected price of the bike is between 1.25 to 1.5 lakh rupees, and it is likely to be launched in 2023 or 2024.

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