Tata Motors has recently shared data regarding the sales of its electric car variants. According to the data, Tata Motors has sold more than 70% of its models across India. The company also revealed that 30% of customers who purchased their first electric car have returned to buy an electric vehicle from Tata Motors.

This significant data shared by Tata Motors reflects the success and achievement of the company. Let us provide you with information about all the electric vehicles launched and being sold by Tata Motors. Currently, the number of electric vehicles from Tata Motors that can compete in the market is relatively low.

Tata Motors generally sells a variety of electric vehicles. Some of the most popular models include Nexon EV, Tiago EV, Tigor EV, and Punch EV. According to the data shared by the company, customers who have purchased any of these models have given favorable reviews. Furthermore, 93% of customers prefer to charge their vehicles at home.

Moreover, Tata Motors disclosed that of the total customers who have purchased Tata Motors’ electric vehicles, 24% are women. The company also shared that over 90% of their vehicles are selling in the top 20 cities in India. Establishing a significant market presence in these cities is a major achievement for Tata Motors.

This commendable data sharing by Tata Motors serves to build trust and recognition for the company. It demonstrates their ability to capture the hearts of customers and maintain their confidence in the company’s remarkable products.

Tata Tigor
Tata Motors Tigor


– Tata Motors recently shared data on the sales of their electric car variants, revealing that over 70% of models have been sold across India.
– The company’s most popular electric vehicles include the Nexon EV, Tiago EV, Tigor EV, Punch EV, among others.
– According to the shared data, customers have given high reviews for the purchased models, with 93% preferring to charge their vehicles at home.
– 24% of the customers are women, indicating a growing interest and adoption of electric vehicles among female customers.
– More than 90% of Tata Motors’ cars are being sold in the top 20 cities of India, showcasing a significant market presence and customer trust.
– This data demonstrates Tata Motors’ success and recognition in the electric vehicle market.

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