Honda SP 125: Honda’s latest model, the SP 125, has gained immense popularity among young riders due to its impressive mileage of 65 kilometers per liter. The bike features a powerful BSVI Phase 2 compliant engine which delivers an exceptional performance in the market. The single-cylinder 123.94cc 4-stroke engine in the SP 125 is a standout feature, providing a robust driving experience. Additionally, the bike boasts a mileage of 65kmpl, offering an outstanding fuel efficiency that has captured the hearts of many riders. With a price tag of 85,121 rupees, the Honda SP 125 is an attractive option for riders looking for both power and fuel efficiency in a stylish package.

Powerful Engine and Performance

At the core of the Honda SP 125 lies a BS6 Phase 2 standard engine, ensuring compliance with the latest emission norms. This bike is powered by a robust single-cylinder 123.94cc 4-stroke engine, delivering not just power but also a smooth riding experience. Priced at 85,121 rupees, it offers value for money, given its high-end specifications.

Unmatched Mileage

One of the most standout features of the SP 125 is its mileage. Offering a remarkable 65 kmpl, it claims to deliver 16% more mileage than its predecessors. This level of fuel efficiency makes it a practical choice for daily commuters and those who prioritize economy over long distances.

Modern Design

The SP 125 doesn’t just perform well; it looks great too. The bike’s design is a blend of modern aesthetics and stylish elements, making it visually appealing to a broad spectrum of riders. Its contemporary design language resonates well with the youth who seek a combination of style and substance in their vehicles.

Honda SP 125
Honda SP 125

Pricing and Availability

Priced at approximately 90,567 rupees, the Honda SP 125 offers an excellent balance between cost and features. It’s available at selected Honda dealerships for a limited period, making it a sought-after model for those looking to own a reliable and stylish bike from a reputed brand.

The Honda SP 125 stands out in the competitive market of two-wheelers with its impressive blend of power, efficiency, and design. It caters to the needs of the modern rider who seeks a bike that’s easy on the pocket, both in terms of fuel consumption and purchase cost, while not compromising on performance and style. This bike is indeed a testament to Honda’s commitment to delivering quality, efficiency, and style, all wrapped up in one attractive package.


– Honda has recently launched a new bike called the Honda SP 125, which comes with a powerful updated engine and enhanced features.
– The bike is equipped with a BS6 Phase2 standard engine and is priced at 85,121 rupees.
– The SP 125 features a single-cylinder 123.94cc 4-stroke engine, delivering great power.
– The bike offers a mileage of 65kmpl, with a claim of delivering 16% more mileage than before, providing impressive fuel efficiency.
– The design of the SP 125 is modern and includes various stylish elements, making it aesthetically appealing.
– The bike is priced at approximately 90,567 rupees and is available at limited Honda dealerships for a limited time.

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