The new Mahindra Bolero is an upgrade to the classic model, with a sleek and updated look that is set to make a mark in the utility vehicles market. The new 2023 Mahindra Bolero comes with a lighter weight thanks to its sturdy steel construction. It features a new signature twin-peak logo, chrome-accented 7-slot grill, rectangle LED headlights, new bumper, and fog lamps, giving it a striking front facade. The SUV is also expected to come with new features such as touch screen infotainment system, multi-functional steering wheel, height-adjustable driver seat, and automatic AC unit. The new Bolero is powered by a 1.5-liter Mahindra mHawk engine capable of producing 75 Bhp power and 210 NM torque, coupled with a 5-speed manual transmission. The SUV is available in three variants B4, B6, and B6 Opt, with prices expected to increase by 14,000-16,000 rupees. The updates and upgrades make the new Mahindra Bolero a formidable contender in the utility vehicles segment.

1. A Fresh Face and Enhanced Utility

The 2023 Mahindra Bolero is not just about a new look; it’s a comprehensive overhaul with an emphasis on utility and functionality. The design refreshment is aimed at providing a modern, robust aesthetic that aligns with the needs of contemporary users while maintaining the rugged charm that the Bolero is known for.

2. Lightweight Design and Premium Finish

In a significant shift, the new Bolero will be lighter, contributing to better fuel efficiency and maneuverability. This weight reduction doesn’t compromise on strength but enhances it, thanks to advanced materials and design techniques. The interiors too have received a substantial upgrade, with a focus on higher quality materials and a more refined finish, elevating the overall driving experience.

3. Cutting-edge Features

At the heart of the 2023 Bolero’s appeal are its state-of-the-art features. A touchscreen infotainment system offers connectivity and entertainment on the go, while a multi-functional steering wheel adds to the ease of control. Under the hood, the Bolero 2023 will boast powerful engine options, catering to varying consumer needs.

4. Pricing and Variants

Reflecting the upgrades, the price of the new Bolero has seen a modest increase. Available in three distinct variants, it allows buyers to choose a model that best fits their budget and requirements, ensuring that the Bolero remains an accessible choice for a wide range of customers.

5. Superior Performance with mHAWK Engine

The new Bolero will continue to feature the iconic mHAWK engine, renowned for its reliability and power. This, combined with the Multi-Terrain Technology, promises unmatched performance, particularly in challenging driving conditions.

6. 3rd Generation Scorpio Chassis

A notable enhancement in the 2023 Bolero is the incorporation of the 3rd generation Scorpio chassis. This high-strength steel body shell equips the Bolero to effortlessly handle diverse terrains, symbolizing toughness and durability.

7. Body-on-Frame Construction for Enhanced Safety

Safety is paramount in the new Bolero Neo, thanks to its body-on-frame construction. This design not only provides a robust exterior but also ensures maximum safety for passengers, making the Bolero an ideal choice for those who dare to take on challenging drives.

2023 Mahindra Bolero is shaping up to be a game-changer in the utility vehicle segment. With its combination of style, performance, and safety, it is poised to appeal to both existing fans and a new generation of SUV enthusiasts. As the launch date approaches, the anticipation among automobile aficionados is palpable, and the new Bolero seems ready to meet, if not exceed, these high expectations.

Mahindra Bolero New Interior
Mahindra Bolero New Interior


1. Mahindra Bolero is getting a new look and updated features, with a focus on utility vehicles.
2. The new Mahindra Bolero 2023 will have a lighter weight and new design, along with upgraded fit and finish levels.
3. It will also include new features such as touch screen infotainment system, multi-functional steering wheel, and powerful engine options.
4. The price of the new Mahindra Bolero 2023 SUV has been slightly increased, with three variants available.

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