IND vs NZ: Team India’s remarkable victory over New Zealand in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023 has brought them one step closer to clinching the championship for the third time. With the final scheduled in Ahmedabad on November 19, Rohit Sharma’s captaincy has brought the team within touching distance of a long-awaited ICC trophy. However, amid the celebration, there is one player who has drawn the ire of Rohit Sharma, and he is considering excluding him from the final Playing XI.

Team India’s Drought in ICC Trophies:

It has been a long 12 years since Team India last won an ICC trophy, with their previous triumph dating back to 2011 when they secured the ODI World Cup at home. This lengthy drought has been a source of frustration for Indian cricket fans, and the World Cup 2023 presents an opportunity to end this barren spell. Rohit Sharma, as the captain, is well aware of this and is determined to lead his team to victory.

The Disappointing Performance of Mohammed Siraj:

IND vs NZ: One player whose recent performance has raised concerns is Mohammed Siraj. In the semi-final against New Zealand, Siraj’s performance was undeniably disappointing. He managed to take just one wicket while conceding a staggering 78 runs in 9 overs. Unfortunately, this subpar performance has been a recurring theme for Siraj throughout the World Cup, with only a couple of matches showing glimpses of his potential.

Siraj’s Lackluster World Cup:

Throughout the tournament, Mohammed Siraj has struggled to make a significant impact. Despite taking 13 wickets in 10 matches, his economy rate has been concerning. He has given away a total of 424 runs, which is quite high for a bowler of his caliber. Siraj is known for his ability to adapt to pitch conditions and maintain a consistent line and length, but this tournament has seen him struggle to find his rhythm.

Rohit Sharma’s Dilemma:

IND vs NZ: As Team India prepares for the final battle, Rohit Sharma faces a critical decision regarding Mohammed Siraj’s inclusion in the Playing XI. Siraj’s recent performances have raised doubts about his ability to perform under pressure, especially in a high-stakes final. If he replicates his lackluster showing in the semi-final, it could significantly impact India’s chances of winning the World Cup.

Mohammed Siraj
Mohammed Siraj

While Team India basks in the glory of their semi-final victory over New Zealand and the prospect of winning the World Cup after 12 years, captain Rohit Sharma must address the issue of Mohammed Siraj’s inconsistent and disappointing performances. Excluding Siraj from the final Playing XI may be a difficult decision, but it is one that Rohit Sharma must consider to maximize India’s chances of becoming champions once again. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the final showdown in Ahmedabad, all eyes will be on Rohit Sharma’s squad selection and the team’s pursuit of World Cup glory.

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