World Cup 2023: Former captain of the Indian cricket team and star batsman Virat Kohli is currently experiencing the zenith of his illustrious career. In the 2023 World Cup, Virat Kohli has not only dazzled spectators with his brilliant and unforgettable batting displays but has also been setting records that have propelled Team India to the final. The question on every Indian cricket fan’s mind is: Who will step up to fill the number 3 spot in the lineup once Virat Kohli hangs up his boots? The answer, it seems, has become evident during this World Cup.

Virat Kohli, renowned as the world’s best batsman at number 3, has earned a reputation for conquering challenging situations and leading Team India to victory. However, as Virat now stands at 35 years of age, the looming question of who will succeed him at number three has taken center stage, and the answer lies in the form of Shreyas Iyer. Judging by Shreyas’s performance in the World Cup 2023, it’s evident that he is a worthy candidate to inherit the coveted position.

World Cup 2023: It’s important to note that our assertion about Shreyas Iyer’s suitability for the number three slot is not solely based on his recent World Cup exploits. Shreyas has a remarkable track record when batting at number three in One Day Internationals (ODIs). He has occupied this position in 11 innings, amassing an impressive total of 642 runs at an outstanding average of 58.36. During this period, he has notched up 6 half-centuries and 1 century, showcasing his ability to perform consistently in this critical batting position. This body of work strongly suggests that Shreyas Iyer is well-equipped to succeed Virat Kohli at number three in the future.

Similar to Virat Kohli, Shreyas Iyer has shone brightly in the World Cup 2023. Despite batting one position lower, at number four, he has accumulated 526 runs in 10 matches, including 3 half-centuries and 2 consecutive centuries. His most remarkable feat came in the semi-finals against New Zealand when he crafted a century off just 67 balls, securing the record for the fastest century in the history of World Cup semi-finals. Additionally, Shreyas became the first middle-order batsman to amass more than 500 runs in a single edition of the World Cup. His knack for rescuing India from challenging situations and guiding them to substantial totals has been a testament to his talent and composure under pressure.

World Cup 2023: Shreyas Iyer’s international career has seen him participate in 57 ODIs, where he has accumulated 2327 runs, including 17 half-centuries and 5 centuries. This consistency and ability to convert starts into substantial scores further solidify his credentials as a formidable contender to fill Virat Kohli’s shoes.

Shreyas Iyer
Shreyas Iyer

While the departure of a legend like Virat Kohli from the international cricket stage is inevitable, the emergence of Shreyas Iyer as a reliable and talented successor at the number three position ensures that Team India will not face a daunting gap in their batting lineup. Shreyas Iyer’s stellar performances in the World Cup 2023 and his impressive track record in ODIs make him the logical choice to carry forward the legacy of excellence that Virat Kohli has established. As one era ends, another begins, and Indian cricket fans can look forward to witnessing Shreyas Iyer’s continued rise as a batting sensation for years to come.

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