The Bajaj CT 125 X has gained immense popularity in the market due to its outstanding looks and amazing features. If you are looking for a great sports bike for yourself, then this new model from Bajaj may be the perfect option for you.

The features of Bajaj CT 125 X are so incredible that it will make you fall in love with this bike. This model is highly prevalent in the market due to its stunning looks. The demand for this bike is increasing day by day.

The Bajaj CT 125 X comes with telescopic forks, fork gear, and real dual spring-loaded shock absorbers. Additionally, it features a 17-inch tubeless tire and an alloy wheel for a better riding experience. The company claims that it also has a drum break and drum disc unit feature at the back.

Moreover, for those interested in purchasing the bike, Bajaj offers three stunning color variants. The first color variant includes a combination of blue deluxe and black, while the second one has a combination of silver deluxe and ebony black. The third option is the combination of red deluxe and ebony black. The price remains the same for all color variants.

The Bajaj CT 125 X is also budget-friendly, with a showroom price currently at ₹75,277. If you are interested, you can also order it directly from the showroom. With its exceptional features and affordable pricing, the Bajaj CT 125 X is definitely worth considering for anyone in the market for a new sports bike.

Bajaj CT 125 X
Bajaj CT 125 X


– Bajaj CT 125 X is a popular choice in the market due to its great look and features.
– The bike comes with telescopic forks, alloy wheels, and dual spring-loaded shock absorbers.
– It is available in three color variants and is considered budget-friendly
– The current showroom price of the bike is ₹75277
– It has received a positive response from customers.

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