Yamaha RX 100 New Variant: Yamaha RX 100 is all set to take on the premium look of Bullet motorcycles with its robust features and powerful engine, making it a favorite for all. Even today, it continues to rule the roads with its grandeur. There have been talks for quite some time about the re-launch of the RX100, that too in a new style. It is possible that the new model will be designed on a sports body and will have sleek features.

The news of the launch of Yamaha RX 100 has been confirmed as a test model has been launched in Japan and it will soon be launched in India, but before that, the company will be launching four new MT series sports bikes in India. As for the features, the Yamaha RX100 may have features from other Yamaha bikes.

In 1985, when the Yamaha RX100 was first introduced, Indian youths loved it. Now, the company is planning to present this retro-designed bike in a whole new avatar. The company is gearing up to present this model in a new style and caliber.

If we talk about the strong engine of the Yamaha RX100, the bike may include a 250cc engine, giving it the power of a superman. For safety measures, the bike is likely to have disc brakes on both tires along with dual-channel ABS to make it easy to control the bike. With tubeless tires, the bike can still be driven for 80 to 100 kilometers after getting a puncture.

The Yamaha RX100 may also include advanced features such as a digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, digital speedometer, digital trip meter, digital clock, fuel gauge, navigation, real-time location, and a low fuel indicator.

As for the price, there is no information available yet, but it could be launched for up to 3 lakh rupees. The launch date is also not confirmed, but it is speculated that it may hit the roads by the end of 2023 or the beginning of 2024. The arrival of the Yamaha RX100 could pose a challenge to companies such as Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, KTM, and Yezdi in India, and it remains to be seen how they stack up after the launch.


– Yamaha RX 100 is expected to be relaunched in a new variant with an attractive design and powerful engine
– Company has launched a test model in Japan and is planning to launch in India soon
– The bike is expected to have a 250cc engine with safety features such as dual channel ABS and tubeless tires
– Advanced features like digital instrument console, Bluetooth connectivity, digital speedometer, fuel gauge, and real time location indicator are expected
– The price range for the new variant is not confirmed yet, but it may be launched at a price of up to 3 lakh rupees
– It could pose a challenge to other companies like Royal Enfield, Kawasaki, and KTM in the Indian market once launched, determining which brand is superior.

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