The Hero HF 100 is setting new records in terms of bike sales, outpacing all other bikes. This bike is known for exceptional mileage and power. Those interested in purchasing the Hero HF Deluxe 100 CC can now get it at a very affordable price. The showroom price ranges from 60,000 to 65,000 rupees, but used models are also available at a very low cost. The used model is being highly sought after, and you can get incredible deals on this bike if you act quickly. It offers a mileage of 65-70 km per liter, making it an economical and efficient choice. Don’t miss the opportunity to purchase this bike at such a great value.

Hero HF Deluxe 100 Leading in Sales: Power in Efficiency

The Hero HF Deluxe 100 is not just a bike; it’s a statement in economical mobility. Its soaring sales figures are testament to its popularity. One of the key reasons behind this is its remarkable fuel efficiency. With a mileage of approximately 65-70 km per liter, it stands as a paragon of fuel economy, making it a preferred choice for daily commuters who want to keep their travel costs low.

Hero HF Deluxe 100 Pricing: Accessibility Defined

When it comes to affordability, the Hero HF 100 sets a benchmark with its showroom price ranging between 60,000 to 65,000 rupees. This pricing strategy is an intelligent move in capturing a significant market share, especially among budget-conscious buyers. Moreover, the availability of used models at even lower prices broadens its accessibility. Platforms like OLX are bustling with second-hand Hero HF 100 bikes, where models from years like 2016 and 2018 are available for around 15,000 rupees.

Hero HF Deluxe 100 Engine and Performance: Compact Yet Powerful

The Hero HF 100 is powered by a 97.2 cc engine, which is adept at navigating both city streets and rural roads with ease. Despite its small engine size, it doesn’t compromise on performance. The bike offers a smooth 4-speed manual transmission and has a kerb weight of just 110 kg, making it easy to handle and maneuver.

Hero HF Deluxe 100 Design and Comfort: Simplistic Yet Efficient

Hero MotoCorp has designed this bike with a clear focus on utility and comfort. The HF Deluxe 100, while lacking in modern features and disc brake options, compensates with a robust design that ensures durability. Its seating position is comfortable for daily commutes, and with a seat height of 805 mm, it caters to riders of various statures. The fuel tank capacity of 9.1 liters means fewer stops at the fuel station, making it ideal for long rides.

The Verdict: A Wise Choice for Budget Buyers

For those looking for an affordable, reliable, and efficient mode of transportation, the Hero HF Deluxe 100 emerges as an excellent choice. Its low maintenance cost, combined with the economic benefits of fuel efficiency, makes it a practical choice for daily commuters. This bike is a testament to Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to providing value-packed products to its customers.

Hero HF Deluxe 100 is more than just a two-wheeler; it’s a smart investment for those who seek economical yet reliable transportation. Its rising popularity is a clear indicator of its ability to meet the needs of a diverse range of consumers, proving that quality and affordability can indeed go hand in hand.

Hero HF Deluxe 100
Hero HF Deluxe 100


1. The Hero HF Deluxe 100 bike is leading in sales and is known for its powerful mileage on the roads.
2. The showroom price of the Hero HF 100 is between 60,000 to 65,000 rupees, and used models can be bought at a lower price.
3. The mileage for this bike is approximately 65-70 km per liter.
4. Second-hand models of the Hero HF 100 are available for around 15,000, with both 2016 and 2018 models available on OLX.
5. It is a great opportunity to purchase a Hero HF Deluxe 100 bike at a very affordable price.

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