Ovao Bike MCR: If you are looking to buy a fantastic electric bike for yourself, then you should definitely consider the options offered by Ovao. This bike not only comes with many great features but also offers the convenience of an upgraded lithium-ion battery. Additionally, it offers advanced features and a long range. The company claims that with this bike, you can travel up to 215 kilometers. Let us now give you all the details about it.

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Firstly, let us talk about the battery features of the Ovao Bike MCR. This amazing bike offers a powerful electric motor that can generate 9000 watts of peak power. It also comes with a battery that has a capacity of 21,700 watt-hours. The bike provides a battery backup of 67 ampere-hours. It also offers the convenience of a removable iron battery with a capacity of 5 kilowatt-hours.

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Furthermore, this bike offers an excellent range. With this feature, you can easily complete your long journeys without any worries. Once fully charged, you can travel up to 215 kilometers with this bike. It is worth mentioning that this bike takes just 3 hours to fully charge.

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The Ovao Bike MCR has been launched in the market, and people are loving it for its impressive range and attractive features. The price of this electric bike is Rs. 4,39,999.

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And in the last, if you are looking for an electric bike with a long range and special features at an affordable price, the Ovao Bike MCR is worth considering. With its advanced features and powerful battery, it offers a convenient and enjoyable riding experience.

Ovao Bike MCR
Ovao Bike MCR


– Ovao Bike MCR is an electric bike with advanced features and a lithium-ion upgradeable battery.
– The bike has a powerful electric motor with a capacity of 9000 watts and a 21,700 W battery.
– It offers a battery backup of 67 aH and also features a removable iron battery.
– The bike has a long range capability and can travel up to 215 km on a single charge.
– It can be fully charged in just 3 hours.
– The price of the Ovao Bike MCR is 4,39,999 INR.