Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter – Ola is set to launch Rivot’s powerful electric scooter with a whopping range of 280 km in India. In our country, there are various types of electric scooters available, ranging from mid-range to high-range options. Today, we are going to talk about an electric scooter that also incorporates a camera.

According to media reports, this electric scooter is called Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter and the company is planning to launch it in the EV sector on October 23rd this month. Let’s delve into the features and specifications of this electric scooter.

This is the first electric scooter by Rivot that will be launched in the Indian EV sector. The company has made an effort to keep its design and features unique so that it stands out from other electric scooters and its demand keeps increasing. The company has included a camera in this electric scooter, which displays the back and front view on the scooter’s digital display.

The company has used a high-quality lithium battery in this scooter, which can cover a distance of approximately 280 kilometers on a single charge. Additionally, the design of this scooter is quite distinct, offering a different look compared to other scooters.

In terms of battery and power, the company has used a lithium-ion battery and provided a robust 4000-watt electric motor, which generates a torque of 150Nm. Not only that, but it can also reach a top speed of 120 to 125 kilometers per hour. The battery can be fully charged with a normal charger in just 3 hours.

And, Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter is all set to revolutionize the electric scooter market in India with its impressive range, unique design, and camera feature. The use of a high-quality lithium battery and powerful electric motor make it a formidable option for commuters looking for a sustainable and efficient mode of transportation.

Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter
Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter


– Rivot NX100 Electric Scooter, manufactured by Ola, will soon be launched in India
– The scooter will have a range of 280 km on a single charge
– It is the company’s first electric scooter in the Indian EV sector and has unique features, including the use of a camera to display the rear and front view on the digital display
– The scooter uses a high-powered lithium battery that can last up to 280 km on a single charge and has a unique design
– It is equipped with a lithium-ion battery and a 4000 watt electric motor, which can produce 150nm of torque and reach a top speed of 120-125 km/h
– The battery can be fully charged in just 3 hours with a normal charger.

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