Fire Boltt Gladiator smartwatch: Wearing a smartwatch has become a fashion trend in today’s era. While the Apple Watch Ultra remains a top favorite among many, its hefty price tag often deters potential buyers. Enter the Fire Boltt Gladiator watch – a stylish alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

The Apple Watch Ultra comes with a price tag of around 90,000 rupees. In contrast, the Fire Boltt Gladiator watch, which originally costs 9,999 rupees, is now available at a whopping 85% discount, making it accessible for just 1,499 rupees. As an added perk, it includes a free three-month Audible membership and is available in over 12 color variants. This offers style enthusiasts an opportunity to sport a watch reminiscent of Apple’s design at a fraction of the cost.

But it’s not just about affordability. The Fire Boltt Gladiator is turning heads with its Apple-like design. The watch boasts a 1.96-inch HD large display, allowing for clear visuals. It also offers the convenience of Bluetooth calling, enabling users to make calls without repeatedly reaching for their phones. Fitness enthusiasts can benefit from its 123 sports modes, while the voice assistant feature enhances usability. With a peak brightness of 500Nits and special modes for calling, the Fire Boltt Gladiator is a top-notch budget-friendly smartwatch that can be easily ordered online.

Fire Boltt Gladiator smartwatch
Fire Boltt Gladiator smartwatch


The article discusses the Fire Boltt Gladiator smartwatch, which is a budget-friendly alternative to the Apple Watch Ultra. The Fire Boltt Gladiator smartwatch can be purchased for as low as 1500 rupees, while the original price is 9,999 rupees. The watch offers features such as a 1.96-inch HD large display, Bluetooth calling, fitness tracking capabilities, 123 sports modes, and a voice assistant. It also comes with a free Audible Membership for 3 months. The article highlights the design similarities between the Fire Boltt Gladiator and the Apple Watch, making it a fashionable and affordable choice for consumers.

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