IND vs BAN: As the World Cup 2023 fever intensifies, sports isn’t the only realm showing its colors. In a delightful blend of cricket and entertainment, Pakistani actress Seher Shinwari has come up with a unique proposition for the Bangladesh cricket team as they prepare to face India.

Setting the Stage:

India is gearing up for its next match against Bangladesh on Thursday, October 19, at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium in Pune. As both teams brace themselves, an unexpected offer from across the border has added a pinch of excitement to the game.

The Aftermath of India-Pakistan Clash:

IND vs BAN: The riveting India-Pakistan match held on October 14 at the Narendra Modi Stadium in Ahmedabad concluded with India’s dominating victory by 7 wickets. While Indian fans rejoiced, their Pakistani counterparts, including Seher Shinwari, were left disheartened.

An Enticing Offer:

In light of Pakistan’s defeat, and ahead of India’s impending match against Bangladesh, the actress took to social media, addressing the Bangladeshi team with a tempting offer.

A Dinner Date in Dhaka:

IND vs BAN: Seher, in her message on October 14, expressed hopes that Bangladesh would avenge Pakistan’s defeat. She wrote, “Inshallah, my Bengali friends will exact revenge in the upcoming match. If Bangladesh trumps India, I pledge to travel to Dhaka and enjoy a fish dinner date with a Bengali gentleman.”

India’s Stellar Performance:

So far, Team India has showcased unparalleled prowess in the World Cup 2023. They’ve secured three consecutive wins, starting with a 6-wicket victory over Australia in Chennai, followed by an 8-wicket triumph against Afghanistan in Delhi, and the recent victory over Pakistan.

The Road Ahead for India:

IND vs BAN: While India has showcased its strength in chasing down scores, they’re set to face several formidable teams in the upcoming matches, including Bangladesh, New Zealand, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa, and the Netherlands.


While the World Cup is primarily about cricketing skills and strategies, this fun and unexpected challenge from the Pakistani actress adds a hint of playful rivalry and entertainment to the mix, making the India-Bangladesh face-off even more thrilling to anticipate.

Image Credit – outlookindia

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