World Cup 2023: The cricketing fervor of the World Cup 2023 has seen many highs and lows for teams participating. Pakistan’s recent performance against India caught the eye of former Indian captain, Sourav Ganguly, who offered a candid perspective on the Pakistan cricket team’s evolution and its current challenges.

Pakistan’s Decline After Initial Success:

After showing promise with two consecutive wins at the onset of the 2023 World Cup, Pakistan’s performance took a dip against its arch-rival India. Sourav Ganguly opined that given the present form and challenges, it seems an uphill task for Babar Azam and his squad to bounce back in the tournament.

Wave of Criticism:

World Cup 2023: The defeat Pakistan faced at the hands of India has sent ripples across the cricketing community. Not just critics, but former Pakistani players too have raised eyebrows at the team’s overall approach and Babar Azam’s leadership. Amidst these reactions, Ganguly’s comments have garnered significant attention.

The Golden Era:

Reminiscing the past, Ganguly stated, “The Pakistan team of our era was a distinct entity. We’re not accustomed to playing against the kind of team they present now. Their present batting lineup struggles under pressure, which makes their chances of resurgence in this World Cup appear bleak.”

Recalling The Indo-Pak Clash:

IND vs PAK: The India vs Pakistan match, held on October 14, wasn’t short of fireworks. Pakistan crumbled, posting a modest 191 runs in 42.5 overs. India, in retaliation, effortlessly chased down the target, losing just three wickets in 117 balls. The match further emphasized the performance chasm between the two teams.

Captaincy Controversy:

The talk of leadership has been rife post Pakistan’s defeat. Veteran Pakistani cricketer, Shoaib Malik, weighed in suggesting, “In case Babar Azam steps down, Shaheen Afridi seems a fitting candidate for the captaincy in white-ball cricket. His tenure with Lahore Qalandars has showcased his aggressive captaincy style.”

A History of Shortcomings:

World Cup 2023: Pakistan’s track record against India in World Cups hasn’t been great. They’ve suffered 8 consecutive defeats from 1992 to 2023. Hopes were high that Babar Azam would pivot the team’s World Cup narrative against India, but the dream remains elusive.

World Cup 2023 PAK Team
World Cup 2023 PAK Team

While the World Cup 2023 continues to unravel exciting matches and unexpected turns, Pakistan’s journey seems fraught with challenges. And as insights from veterans like Ganguly pour in, it adds a rich layer of analysis for cricket enthusiasts worldwide.

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