Success stories often emerge from the most unexpected places. They serve as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the power of dreams. One such inspirational tale is of Shivani from Kapurthala, Punjab. Born to an auto-rickshaw driver, today, she stands as a beacon of hope and determination for countless others.

The Dream Amidst Challenges

Shivani’s journey has been anything but easy. Battling adversities and limited resources, she embarked on a mission to pass the Punjab Civil Services (Judiciary) examination. Despite the odds, Shivani’s dedication and perseverance bore fruit, and her dream of donning the robe as a judge is now on the verge of realization.

A Testament to a Daughter’s Potential

Kapurthala, a bustling city in Punjab, witnessed an event that would inspire many. As the news of Shivani’s achievement spread, the narrative that “daughters are no less than sons” was further solidified. Her achievement showcases that with determination and hard work, one can break the molds society often sets.

Receiving Acclaim and Gratitude

Living in the slum of Mahtab Garh, Shivani has been enveloped in a wave of congratulations and well-wishes. From neighbors to distant relatives, the pride in her achievement is palpable. Yet, at the heart of this success story lies her modest family background.

A Father’s Unyielding Support

Baljit Singh Bittu, Shivani’s father, plies the streets of Kapurthala, driving an auto rickshaw. Every fare he earns, every trip he completes, has been a step towards fulfilling the dreams of his family. Baljit’s unwavering determination was driven by a singular vision – to see his daughter ascend the steps of the judiciary. Today, as Shivani stands at the cusp of that dream, it’s also a realization of her father’s hopes.

Giving Credit Where It’s Due

While her success is undeniably a result of her tenacity, Shivani is quick to acknowledge the support she has received. Apart from her parents, she credits her mentor and guide, Gurinderpal Singh, for his invaluable guidance.

Shivani singh
Shivani singh

Shivani’s story is more than just an individual achievement. It serves as a reminder that dreams, regardless of one’s background, can be achieved with passion, hard work, and the right support. It’s a narrative that will inspire many more Shivanis to break barriers and achieve their dreams.

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