Multibagger Share
Multibagger Share

Multibagger Share: For those on the lookout for a promising investment opportunity, the shares of Jindal Stainless Share present an enticing prospect. This company has consistently provided its investors with remarkable returns in a short span of time. As of October 12th, the shares exhibited a slight uptick of 0.18%, closing at a price of ₹465.30. With this, the company’s market capitalization stands at a whopping ₹38,314.41 crores. The 52-week high for this stock was ₹541.45 while its 52-week low was recorded at ₹123.

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Jindal Stainless Share: Rating agency CRISIL anticipates a positive demand outlook for the Indian stainless steel industry. With a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 7.5% expected over the next 5-10 fiscal years, Jindal Stainless share, due to its strong market presence and diverse product offerings, is well poised to leverage this growth.

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The brokerage firm Prabhudas Lilladher believes the company is set to benefit from the robust demand for stainless steel in India, thanks to its durability and corrosion resistance properties. The brokerage points out that over the past two decades, the demand for stainless steel has surged more rapidly than any other commodity in the metal sector.

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In the last six months, the stock has provided its investors with a commendable return of 75%. Furthermore, the company’s shares have risen by 84% this year alone. Investors have enjoyed a stellar 261% profit in the past year. In the last five years, Jindal Stainless has delivered an astonishing 740% profit.

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Jindal Stainless share stands as a leading company in the production of stainless steel in India. Excluding China, it ranks among the top five global stainless steel manufacturers. The company boasts a diverse product range, including stainless steel slabs, blooms, coils, plates, sheets, precision strips, blade steel, and coin blanks.