IEX Share
IEX Share

IEX Share: The Indian Energy Exchange (IEX) has recently entered into an agreement with Enviro Enablers India Private Limited (EEIPL). As a part of the deal, IEX will be acquiring a 10% stake in EEIPL. While the share value has increased by 1% in the past week, it saw a decline of 2% over the past month. However, a broader perspective reveals a 5% growth over the past three months and a slight downturn of 8% over the year.

Amidst discussions on market capitalization, the IEX Share has shared uplifting news about its growth in total volume. In its report to the stock markets highlighting its performance for the month of September, the exchange revealed that the total volume for the month stood at an impressive 914.7 crore units. This represents a significant 13% increase compared to the same month in the previous year. Furthermore, projections for the second quarter show an estimated growth of 15% year-over-year.

IEX Share: Diving deeper into the specifics, the data shared by the exchange for September reveals that the overall electricity volume soared by 13%, reaching 914.7 crore units when compared to the previous year. The Day Ahead Market volume for the same month rose by 11% year-over-year to stand at 346.7 crore units. According to the company’s statistics, the real-time market volume for September experienced a robust growth, skyrocketing by 33% to reach 292.3 crore units.

IEX Share: The market clearing price for September also witnessed an 11% increase, stabilizing at 6.23 rupees per unit. Additionally, the second quarter’s volume across all market segments is anticipated to grow by 15%, approximating a total of 2653 crore units.

This consistent growth and the strategic partnership with EEIPL emphasizes the IEX’s commitment to sustainable expansion and its mission to bolster its position in the energy sector.

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